The Power Combination: Telecommuting x Virtual Office

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The Power Combination: Telecommuting x Virtual Office

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calendar Jun 24, 2020

The Power Combination: Telecommuting x Virtual Office

Telecommuting may become the new normal and change the way we work and operate.  With its flexible and cost-effective nature, the concept of Virtual Office is gaining traction.

If you are a business owner looking to expand into Singapore market to test-market, or an existing small-sized business owner looking to enhance your visibility and image, then Virtual Office may be the right solution for you.

What is a Virtual Office, exactly?

Virtual Office is a value-added service which enables you and your employees to work remotely while maintaining your presence in your desired location without the need to pay rent for the actual space.

Why do I need a Virtual Office when I can just work from home?

Working from home provides greater flexibility to your work schedule. However, a Virtual Office enables you to use a registered business address of your preferred location without paying rent for a brick-and-mortar office. To enhance visibility and increase brand value without incurring high costs, a registered business address in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District reinforces your customers’ confidence.

A Virtual Office also allows you to have additional value-added services such as daily mail collection and mail forwarding.

What else does a Virtual Office offer?

Apart from a registered business address, you have the option to rent a professional meeting room to conduct meetings with your employees when necessary. In addition, Singapore Corporate Services provides phone forwarding and call answering services as well as fax number for you

Am I eligible to apply for this service?

Everyone is eligible to apply, especially small-scale businesses or businesses which operate online. It is a fuss-free process: you only need to drop us a message indicating your interest and we will handle the rest for you, while you focus on more important matters – growing your business! We know renting a brick-and-mortar office is expensive in the heart of Singapore’s CBD, and can be redundant during tough times when telecommuting is heavily advised. However, a Virtual Office removes the high costs and lets you own a registered business address in the CBD while you continue to telecommute with your employees to keep everyone safe. With all the administrative matters like mail collection and phone calls handled on your behalf, it is similar to hiring a secretary at the same time!

With its low costs and fuss-free registration, the benefits of owning a Virtual Office cannot be understated. We, Singapore Corporate Services, are determined to bring your company to new heights with our full suite outsourced corporate services in company formation, accounting, taxation, and audit.  Contact us today at +65 8862 1113 on WhatsApp or via email to get a free consultation.

Just focus on growing your business, we will handle the rest.

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